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Dental Implant Treatment Process

Dental Implants

Dental implants can dramatically improve your quality of life. If you choose the right dentist, you can have the smile that you’ve always longed for. In addition, there are other benefits to having implants fitted that will have a positive impact on your life for years to come.

Often, the first thing we notice about a person is their smile. If someone doesn’t smile properly, we’re prone to distrust them or wonder if their smile is less than genuine. However, for many people, smiling is a source of embarrassment. For whatever reason, they might be missing teeth, which makes smiling feel as though it’s humiliating. Their self-esteem suffers and their general confidence when doing everyday tasks can also suffer. The advent of dental implants has drastically improved the options for these people, and skilled dentists have honed their techniques over many years.

There really has been no better time to get dental implants to improve your life. As well as the obvious aesthetic advantages, dental implants can have benefits related to your health as well. Bone growth is stimulated around the implant to support it, and the implants support the surrounding teeth by generally improving the strength of your overall set of teeth. In addition to this, it’s much easier to chew your food and so, by extension, eating becomes generally much more enjoyable. When you’re considering dental implants, it’s important to consult a reputable dentist to help you decide whether they’re the right option for you. Luckily, you don’t have to search far, as we can carry out this procedure for you.

The dental implant treatment process

Now that you know about the benefits of dental implants, let’s take a look at the process entailed…

  1. Evaluate and prepare for implants - Before the procedure begins, Dr. Puig is going to take a look at your jawbone structure. This is important because dental implants are fused directly to the bone of the jaw, which results in a secure anchor for the replacement teeth. We may advise some treatments to make certain that your jawbone is stable for the treatment.
  2. Placing the implant- Once your mouth is healthy enough, the Dr. Puig will place an implant inside. This is a root-like structure, which is typically made from titanium. Once the implant has been placed, a few months will need to pass before it can be integrated with the bone.
  3. Attaching the abutment- The third part of the process is for the implant to be integrated with the jaw bone. This is when the abutment will be attached. This is basically the name for the post. This is a raised post, which enables a denture, bridge, or crown to be attached. After this, it will take a few weeks for your gums to heal around the post.
  4. Placing the replacement teeth- This is the final part of the process. Dental implants will be used to permanently restore teeth. This means that an individualized impression of your mouth is going to be required. This is important so that a replica of your mouth is created. Using this information, support posts, i.e. the abutments, will be selected. These are used so that the replacement teeth are attached to your implants. There are so many different types of support posts that are available to choose from.

This is a general overview of how the process works when it comes to dental implants. However, it is very important to note that the procedure can differ from person-to-person. This is because everyone is different. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the process explained to you is slightly different from the steps that are mentioned above. Nobody is the same! This is why the consultation process is so important. We will be able to assess your jaw bone structure and the work that needs to be carried out so that we can give you the best possible understanding of the steps that must be completed.

Caring for your implants

Dental implants can be especially intimidating if you’ve lost previous teeth through decay issues. It can make you wary of going through the discomfort and trouble of implant procedures, and you may also think there’s a stigma attached in having allowed your teeth to decay in the first place. The truth is, life happens and professional dentists understand this. They won’t make you feel terrible for wanting the implants in the first place, although they may advise you carefully on what you’ll need to do differently with your implants.

Your dentist doesn’t want problems following the insertion of your implants any more than you do. That’s why you should take any of their advice and questions on board and treat it in the friendly manner it’s intended. You’ll need to be especially careful to avoid plaque building up on your implants. This can cause an infection which may lead to the implant falling out after the attachment between the implant and the bone is severed. However, as long as you follow the maintenance procedure advised by your dentist, this is fairly easy to avoid. Just make it your mission to look after your dental implants the way you wish you’d looked after your natural teeth.

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